Choral workshops

The Cheltenham Bach Choir runs regular choral workshops which are open to all singers, not just members of the choir.  If you are interested in joining the Cheltenham Bach Choir, then these workshops are an excellent opportunity to come along for a day’s singing while getting to know the choir.


Schools Cooperation Scheme

We have also run a number of workshops in local schools, which have been very successful.  The feedback we have had from these workshops has been extremely positive, from pupils, teachers and choir members alike.  These workshops receive support from Cheltenham Arts Council and the Trafford Memorial Fund.

The content and format of our school workshops can be agreed in advance, depending on the number and ability levels of the children involved.  We are also able to focus our workshops on GCSE or A’ Level Syllabi, which we have found to be a popular option in our previous workshops.

If you would be interested in discussing a workshop for your school, please contact our Chairman.